Yoga with Aliya



Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flow


“Use your body and your mind to cultivate yourself and express your spirit.”

- Bruce Lee

Inspired by the ancient teachings of Hatha Yoga, Viniyoga, spiritual ecology, the Tao and Stoicism, I like to create an environment in which any and every body is supported to tune into the body and calm the waves of the mind. Combining breath work, mindful movement and meditation, my style is further shaped by the principles of Vinyasa Krama, cultivating awareness and building momentum in a way that generates rhythm, strength and composure.


“Yoga practice should help to enhance the flow of your day. The general rule of asana practice is to first feel the current and then swim with it.”

- Gary Krafstow

Whatever the framework of your existence, the shape of your working day or the state of your mind, one thing that is present in all of our lives is the inevitability of change. Yoga is a way of moving through the day, through life and through the world that helps us navigate and where possible, control the transitions in our internal and external worlds. It can be a powerful tool in helping us to think, feel and act with more patience, equanimity, wisdom and joy.


"Our communication is what we put out into the world and what remains after we have left it." - Thich Nhat Hanh

As a lifelong student and devotee of the written word and the body in motion, I’ve explored the personal and the external realms of humanity and wellbeing from multiple perspectives. What does it mean to live a good life? How do we become who we are and how can we be a better part of the Universe? How do we find balance in a world that overflows with as much peril as joy? I’m a great believer in the power of words - and quiet contemplation - to help make sense of things.


"The function of the body is to collect energy from the ground. By grasping the gravity of the earth we become connected to the soil, from which plants and trees also receive part of their nourishment. Re-establishing this connection is what we try to do."

- Vanda Scaravelli

I discovered the wonders of yogic philosophy and practice when I was 17. More than 20 years later, I’m even more committed to it as a way of being, in the world, in myself, in stillness and in motion. My love of yoga and the wilderness eventually led me to Costa Rica where I gained my 200hr YTT qualification. I now teach and simultaneously continue to learn by sharing my practice with others.